Frank Burch visits K-3 students during “Late Start Monday” program

Frank & Bennett Burch presenting at Late Start program

Frank & Bennett Burch presenting at Late Start program

On Monday, May 2nd, 2016 Frank Burch had the pleasure of discussing precision machining with Plato Elementary K-3 students.  The presentation was part of the Duncan Public Schools “Late-Start Mondays” initiative started at the beginning of the current school year.

In the presentation, Frank Burch, along with his helper Bennett Burch, talked about the different types of material, different types of machining, safety requirements, & education requirements for the precision machining industry.

The students really enjoyed examining examples of the tooling used, materials, and finished products produced at Southern Machine Works.  We hope that everyone had a better understanding of what precision machining is and what is needed to be successful in the industry.

We at Southern Machine Works would like to thank the educators and administrators from the Duncan Public School System for allowing us to discussion precision machining during Late Start Mondays.  A special thanks to Judy Latimer, Plato Counselor, for her hard work and dedication to ensure that every Late Start Monday program is successful.

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